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Advent is On!
14th October 2022  
Three SpikeDislike themes down, and only another twenty-odd to make.
Oh no, what have I started!?!


In previous Advent collections the trick was to take a bunch of pre-made art assets, and build up game after game after game.
I can do that.
That's easy!!

This year's Advent collection will be SpikeDislike themes, and the trick here is to be artistic and come up with great looking themes that look decent.
And then music on top, though I have OODLES of music I can dig through, to bundle together for the game.

Of the three I've done so far, one is a very simple one, one is a complex one and the other is a rather confusing one with a mechanic that I don't believe I've tried doing in SpikeDislike before..
Good stuff!!

With about 48 days to go, that's one theme every other day. I think I should be artistic enough to be able to manage that, right?
Oh dear.. This could all go horribly horribly wrong.

"The ball bounces over a spiky cactus in the desert. a 2D Retro Videogame." by #DallE

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