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15th October 2022
Michael Fernie is interested to know just how off-the-spike I'm aiming with the Advent collection..

Interesting idea for the Advent games. Does the gameplay rules change with each version or just a graphic and music change? Good luck either way.

The majority of the "themes" over Advent will be strictly SpikeDislike. Bouncing ball, static spikes, hold to go right, that kind of thing.

For most themes I'll be adding small subtle tweaks to the speed variables. You can see the changes that this brings by playing the Daily Dislike, which mixes things up each day to help bring a little unexpected difficulty into the mix.
Imagine that, but with different pictures, and that's more or less what the themes will be.

Screenshot from SpikeDislike2, 2013!

If you take a look through SpikeDislike2's collection of themes, there's one or two that stray from the typical style.
The Barry the Bee theme changes things up quite significantly, with the mechanics switching from SpikeDislike, to the old Helicopter game. Holding on the screen causes Barry to float up, releasing makes him float down.

I'd like to try and integrate a bunch of these "One button" games into the engine as I can, whilst still keeping things SpikeDislike-esque.

But, yeah, for the most part it'll just be Ball vs Spikes!

You can Somehow, still get SpikeDislike2 from the iOS AppStore, and it also works on an M1 Mac, too, which is nice!
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