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15th October 2022  
I've changed how the sprite sheets for are organised, so I can cram a little more into a single image.


Well, it's not "that" different. I've not laid out the elements any differently. They're still Balls, Spikes, Background, Foreground, extras, in that order, on a 512x512 spritesheet.
The big difference now is that it's a 2048x2048 spritesheet, and a set of 4x4 of the 512x512 sprite sheets are clustered together onto the single sheet.
Currently there are 8 such spritesheets, and rather than have your browser download a 120Kb sheet, followed by a 147Kb sheet, and so on, (each time making yet another request to the server!) and having to store them all in the browser's cache, it now downloads a single larger sheet containing up to 16 sheets combined into one.

Shoebox uses a couple of 2048x2048 spritesheets for the cards, so I'm fairly certain that handling them shouldn't be problematic for any of the important target devices.

The complicated part is that, once loaded, I'm actually chopping them back up again to 512x512 spritesheets. Hmmm...
I'm pretty sure this shouldn't cause any problems, but just to be sure I've uploaded a new version of the engine and you should be able to easily tell me if it does or doesn't now work!!
With any luck, you won't be able to tell any difference.

If it's suddenly broke, though, do let me know.
You can test it at
Thanks for testing!

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