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17th October 2022
Oh, geez, it's Monday already.
Been so focussed on SpikeDislike that I'm neglecting AGameAWeek Proper.


Yesterday I decided to try making a new Solitaire game, and with the name of "Club Disco" stuck in my head, that's exactly where I went.

The basic idea being to get all the Clubs into the Disco, whilst jumbling the rest of the cards around in their piles.
I'm not 100% sure how beatable the game will be, so I'll be playing with the mechanics a little, today.
I might have to add an extra pile, as currently I can't seem to beat it with only 6 piles.

Maybe I should make that an option..?

Anyhoo, that's what I've been working on, and hopefully I can finish it off, today, and then get back on the SpikeDislike path, as there's less days left until Advent than there were yesterday!!!


I reached 24 hours of No Man's Sky - Switch play yesterday. Gosh, that's eating up the week, isn't it!!?
Journey so far. Bought a new ship, earned 24million in cash, started building a nice base, remembered I had to research half the things I built into my previous bases, spent hours wandering around digging up technology modules..
Aaah, the fun of walking.

It's awfully aliased when blown up full size like that. Can't wait for that Mac edition!!
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