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17th October 2022

Get all the clubs to the disco!

You can Play Club Disco in the Shoebox, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.


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How to Play

Move all the Clubs over into the Disco circle. If you get all the Clubs into the disco, then you win!
You can pile up cards in descending numerical order, so any 5 can be placed onto any 6, etc.
You can drag numerical groups from pile to pile, too.
You can also place cards onto the same value card, matching them up. If one of them is a club, or if the card being dragged is in a hand, it will stay, but otherwise matching pairs will be removed from the game.

What I Didn't Do

I tried adding the "Card colour must alternate" rule, but I found it incredibly difficult to get anywhere in the game!
But, otherwise, this is identical to the game I had in mind.
I hope it's good enough!
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