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20th October 2022
Over at SoCoder, AndyH suggested it might be nice to have a version of Daily Dislike wrapped up in the forum, with user's high scores being recorded over time.


One thing I've tried not to do over at SoCoder is to make it a forum "about me", and the idea of adding a daily game that's one of my games, has always felt a little too "me, me, me"

I KNOW that some people hate how "me, me, me" the forum is. I'm always there, bringing my stupid opinions to the forum, all the bloomin' time.

To be honest, that's only because I have a lot of time on my hands. If those particular people who have this opinion actually bothered to reply to threads themselves, and interact on the forum, then perhaps it wouldn't only ever be me replying to things.
I'm in two minds about this.
Is it MY fault for being too active on the forum, or is it THEIR fault for NOT being active enough?


So, when AndyH suggested adding one of my games to a site that's ever-more becoming "The forum with Jayenkai all over it", I was slightly worried about doing that. Adding my games as a permanent feature to the site brings it one step closer to becoming "The Jay Site".. .... Which, ironically, is the original name of the site before I had to scramble together a forum out of it when Coder's Workshop collapsed in on itself.

Should I add it?
I'm still not sure.
But last night I started putting such a thing together, and was halfway through implementing a high score database when my internet connection became erratic and disconnecting every ten minutes or so.

I felt it best to stop what I was doing, on the off chance that a small disconnect leaves things half-broken, and the entire website down as a result.

Today I'll probably see about finishing that off, if indeed I'm daring to do it at all.

Now...... Should the ball be the SoCoder ball!?!

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