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21st October 2022  
The SoCoder edition of Daily Spike is coming along well enough.


The game appears to be sending scores back to the server in a working manner, so today will be a couple of things.
Ensuring it's 3% less easy to cheat at the game. Encrypting the highscores will be imperative here, though everything will be easily visible via "right click/view source", so that's not ideal.
And then cheating itself.. You can simply cheat by using the browser's Dev-Panel, and telling it you've got a higher score, and then that'll end up getting recorded, so .. I dunno, I think having it be "SoCoder Only" right now is probably a good idea. Less cheaters to deal with.

After that, back to the main edition of SpikeDislike, and getting a few more themes built.
I've been jotting down ideas, so far, and though the ideas are coming along well enough, the idea of calling all the levels "xxx Dislike" isn't going to be perfect. After all, what would I call the Sheep Goes Right mode? Sheep Dislike? Hmmm...

I might end up redoing how the levels are named.

Right, plenty to be getting on with then.
Oh, and I've barely touched the SmileBASIC game in a good couple of weeks.
Oh dear...

See, this is what happens when I say "Monthly Game"... It gets left, abandoned for weeks, then I scramble together a quick game in a day or two like I always do!!

.. yeah, that's what I meant...

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