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SpikeDislike with Highscores
22nd October 2022  
There's now a version of SpikeDislike, over at, which has integrated online highscores.


The game requires that you're registered and logged into SoCoder before it'll let you play, and then records the first three scores that you earn, before plopping them into the online table.

You can See the online table here.

There's a LOT of things I really need to do to the game to ensure it's a little more secure in how it works, but .. for now at least, it runs well enough.

Doing all of this is getting me itching to add some kind of online component to the main, but that first requires registration, logins, and all of that guff.
What's the best way to do all of that, in a way that also works well on Mobile and Tablet devices?
I mean, sure, I could pop up a requester, but that's all a bit dull and generic, isn't it?
What other possibilities are there?

Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome!

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