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Lazy Sunday
24th October 2022  
I probably shouldn't have opted to have a day off, if I'm honest. There's a weekly schedule to keep up with, and a deadline looming.. .. Today..


Focusing too hard on the Advent calendar, it's probably "OK" for me to be a little less weekly during this time of the year, right?
I mean, when I'm making so much content behind the scenes, but preparing for a great big daily Advent thing, then it's alright to be a little slower elsewhere, isn't it?

Of course, then you also have to factor in an hour and a half watching Doctor Who, and a good 5 hours playing No Man's Sky, and then you realise I wasn't actually doing ANYTHING productive, and was instead just wasting the whole day.

OK, time to do something more productive, today.
I've not made a Browsercade game for a good number of weeks. Perhaps I should do something there?
Suggestions for quick games are welcome!

"The carpenter has a hammer, some nails, and some wood, but doesn't have any ideas what he's going to make." by #DallE

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New games every week!
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