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26th October 2022  
Started a game yesterday.
It involves some blobs with letters on, and a little fella with a red hat.


I think I have a plan, though I'm not 100% sure on it, just yet.
I'll need to experiment a bit with the mechanics to be sure they work right, but ... It *should* work ok.

I'm aiming for a puzzle game, here.
Hopefully I succeed!


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Spent most of yesterday doing this week's ALChoon video.
Once again wrapping myself up in the chaos of having lyrics, so needing a half-assed video to go along with it.
It's very much half-assed, this week, I'm afraid.
Doing lyrics and videos each week is draining.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Another hour or two in No Man's Sky, with the lack of quality in screenshots.
It's perfectly fine when playing, and isn't noticeable, especially on the small handheld display, but the second you screenshot them and blow them up on a larger display, the aliasing is bloomin' awful.
It's quite annoying, if I'm honest, because I'm flying around seeing these wonderfully beautiful scenes, but the second I take a pic to post on Twitter.. .. Eeeuww!!!
And for once, it's not Twitter's shitty compression that's to blame!

Can't wait for that MacOS edition.

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