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27th October 2022  
Though I attempted a number of different things yesterday, the end result wasn't worth writing home about.


I tried three (THREE!) different SpikeDislike themes yesterday, but not one of them ended up being useable.
They're backups, now, in case I run out of ideas and need to plonk something together at the last minute.

Honestly, should've managed better than that. I'm having an off week, here, I think.
I've had a lot of those, lately.
Is this a bad sign?
Am I getting tired out from doing all of this?

The SmileBASIC game oughta be released by Monday, and that's not even half-a-game, yet.
It's all going horribly wrong, here.
Just a year or two ago I was whipping out 3 games a week, and now look at me.


The SoCoder Newsletter got finished off and sent out early, and this morning I'm off to get the Covid Booster Jab. Should be fun, right!?
Later on today I really should be finishing off the SmileBASIC game. Or at least vaguely starting it!!
Maybe I should make it Halloweeny?

"The game developer is falling at every hurdle. Perhaps he's doing too many things at once?" by DallE

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New games every week!
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