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29th October 2022  
This week's game isn't going anywhere. I might scrap it and do something else.


As I sit here noting down all the things that aren't currently working in the game, I can feel myself figuring out what I need to do to it, in order to fix it up and make it playable.
Perhaps I'll give it another go, today.

It does definitely feel like it "should" work, but I'm once again finding it hard to get it to do that.

A little more planning in the level generator, and I think it could very well end up working, but.. Right now it just isn't.

Maybe I need to add an extra element of danger into the game?

After my Covid Booster jab on Thursday, I once again managed to sleep for hours and hours and hours, throughout most of Friday. That seems to be my body's way of coping with the jab. Sleep it off, and see if you can think straight the next day.

Oh, but I've got so much to do, now!!
This game, the SmileBASIC game by Monday, and then another ALChoon to squeeze in somewhere along the way.
Doesn't help that I played No Man's Sky for another couple of hours, too.

Right.. Focus.
Get working and get things working!!

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