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Players Thoughts : Misunderstood Contractor
30th October 2022  
RSKGames has chipped in with some thoughts on this week's random oddity.

Hi, RSKGames! Great to hear from you again! \o/yeay\o/



When I started playing found out the hard way that the lines should not cross each other.

Good thing you're not a Ghostbuster!!

After playing a levels without losing life I thought this was easy and a timer might have been good. The next level I noticed the brown bar going up and I was not able to complete the connections before it went all the way up.

I *think* that's probably a good thing. I struggled for a while to find a way to balance the game, and the only thing I could really come up with was a timer.
I tried more boxes, but the screen became far too cluttered.
It's hard to get things right, when it's automated. If it were properly designed levels, I'm sure I could've added more to it, but as-is.. Hmmm..

Two things that might have tripped me up and made the game difficult are
- if the player is not allowed to cross the already connected lines even without cable in hand.
- Player is not allowed to disconnect already connected cables.
Luckily these rules are not in place.

You'll be happy to know, I did consider BOTH of these, but ultimately decided against them.
The player can also pick up two wires at the same time, and usually end up killing themselves with them.. I left that in for the LOLs!

The sound effect when the 2 wires cross is good.
Overall a fun game.

It turned out OK in the end, but .. boy, did it take a while to find its footing.
For a long time, this was about moving the "boxes" themselves and having to navigate through the maze, but it felt far too repetitive.


Anyhoo, I'm happy that it found it's place, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks for Playing

You can Play Misunderstood Contractor in BASIC in your Browser!

"A little red demon watches as the computer technician gets himself tangled up in lots of wires and cables." by #DallE

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