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A Giant Tasklist
3rd November 2022  
I achieved a great many things, yesterday! A tasklist almost complete..


All of the Browsercade games now appear to be working well with the new Delta timing functionality from the SpikeDislike rewrite.
There's still a couple of minor quirks but for the most part everything feels like it oughta, and oddities are mostly graphical and don't impact the gameplay.

So, with all those tweaks done, I was ready to upload and .. Just check one last thing...

Awwww, bugger..

The new screen-scaling breaks the nice swoopy onscreen controller thing... Not that the onscreen controllers are all that great, but I think I'd be amiss if I uploaded it in this state.
So that's today's task. Redo those bloomin' onscreen controls for the 4885720th time.

Wish me luck!

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New games every week!
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