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Extra Fix Incoming
4th November 2022  
Somewhere along the way, the new Browsercade Scaling has knocked the touch controls out of whack.


I thought everything was fine, but only just tested it this morning, to find that the touch stuff is all incredibly broken, to the point where it's hard to even click on a menu item.
I definitely need to fix that, ASAP, so will be getting to it right after this morning's blog.

You can Play all of the fixes I've done, so far in the Browsercade.


What I Did Fix

Although you shouldn't have actually noticed any of these being broken, since the break only happened when I "fixed" the delta timing, here's a list of things you would've seen being very broken had I not fixed them!

Blockman Gets - doesn't seem to pick up blocklets
The Blocklets didn't ever get collected, because their placements were floating point delta-based numbers, and no longer either an integer delta of 1 or 2.

Army of Flags - No Troops
A similar tale, whereby the troopers wouldn't show up, only the primary player character.

Only One Balloon - Good test of the background buffer gap. I still need to fix that.
I fixed that! I think.. Maybe.. I've said that 100-million times before, though, so we'll see.
Let me know!

Jack on the Blocks - Check delta upon Game Over
This is still a bit weird.. Sometimes Jack falls much faster than other times. It's perfectly playable, though, and this only happens when Jack's dead.

Cosmic Gardener - Fix Platdude's size!!
I fixed Platdude's size!! Platdude is now 2* his original size, so you can actually see where the bloomin' heck he is!

NeonPlat - Platdude's speed - Ball's speed
Fixed this, and Platdude's overall physics, but things still occasionally seems to fall through the floor, so I may need to rejig this one.

Save the Kumquat - Another rather noticeable buffer gap
No longer noticeable!

Greenie's Heroic Adventure - Check Gravity and weapon speed
I've increased his weapon a bit, and the gravity seems a little better than it was.

Not Pong - Where's the top and bottom? Need to fix the resolution blockiness for this.
This now seems much better at making the wall than it once was. I'm unsure when/where that broke, as it doesn't seem to be anything to do with the Delta timing.. Hmm...

Scatterbugs - Is that too fast? Seems too fast!
I compared this to the Switch edition, and .. No they're about the same speed. It's a very hard game.
I slowed it down a little bit.


What I Broke

The virtual resolution has been limited to 1280x800 or thereabouts depending on your screen ratio, in the same way that I did with SpikeDislike. Drawing is done to that resolution and then scaled up to whatever resolution your display is. As such, all mouse/touch co-ordinates have had to be scaled backwards to fit back into the new resolution.
For some quirky reason, the Touchscreen code isn't quite doing this correctly.
It's pretty much the same code for Mouse and Touch, so I presume something mathy is out of order in a really odd place.

I think I'll have to add a temporary none-game test thing, to figure out exactly what's going on, here.



What I Didn't Do

Stars That Burst seems to run a little faster than it used to, but it doesn't hurt the game at all, and I think it's a little more "Arcade" with its faster speed.
I left it as it is.
I'm ok with this change!

You can Play all of the fixes I've done, so far in the Browsercade.

If you spot any oddities, do please let me know.

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