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6th November 2022  
Like most people right now, I'm definitely considering making the move away from Twitter.


It's quite a change, though. After over a decade of having it just be a permanent fixture in the online world, the fact that it might not actually be there by the end of next week seems a shocking thing.
And it's not a minor thing, either. We're all somewhat taken it for granted that it'll still exist.
Things are definitely going to be changing.

For me, it means going through all my current code-bases and changing from the simple @Jayenkai to a more complicated

And what of all my alt-accounts. I'm not really sure if Mastodon DOES alt-accounts, so those might have to mysteriously vanish and die.
Pixelarf won't be posting new daily scrawls, Platdude won't be posting his pixelart results.
ALODare will cease to exist, Greenie186 won't be infrequently annoying people about old tech, SpikesDislikes won't be popping up to shout Spike at random intervals.
It's all collapsing around me!

If you'd like to hop on over to Mastodon, I've created an invite link here which should hopefully let you sign in and register on the main site.
(If the invites are all used up, you can email/tweet/etc to ask for another!)

If you're already registered on mastodon, let me know who/where you are, so I can follow you there, too.

For now I'll probably try my best to stick around on Twitter as much as I can, but I think I'll be closing off most of my alt-accounts, and channeling everything into one single feed from now on.
It's a shame to see it go, and hopefully it doesn't go entirely.
The online world will be a worse place without Twitter being there.

"A fluffy blue bird lying dead in the street." by #DallE

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