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8th November 2022  
If you're an RSS Reader, you might be pleased/upset to learn that I tweaked the feed a bit, yesterday.


Having tested the feed on multiple readers, it seemed like I needed to rejig the way the images are fed to the reader.
Took a bit of "pinch someone else's feed, then try to hack my way to understanding it" work, but I think I got it working again after a while.
The old RSS feed was RSS v1.0, whilst the latest is v2.0, and though the end result should hopefully still work, there's a chance it might not for those using older readers.
If the RSS Feed isn't working for you, let me know in the comments below.

Gud gud!


Started work on a new Word Puzzle game for Shoebox yesterday.
It's more or less finished, but the icon, screenshot, etc, all still need doing.
I'll be uploading that later today.

I wasn't intending to do a Shoebox Word Game, this week, but once you get an idea in your head, what else can you do?

I asked DallE to come up with an image, this morning, thinking it might spur on a new look for the Shoebox.
"A grid of 5x5 blue circular bubbles with letters in them, floating in a bright and colourful abyss." by #DallE

It failed horribly.

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