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9th November 2022  
Yesterday's ALChoon video didn't go very well.


A bit of a rushed job, if I'm honest.
I sat around for ages trying to decide what to draw/animate, and all I could think of was a static image of a bored person sat in a big empty room with a landline phone.
It's all very static, though..

Instead, then, I opted for a simple lyric video, and it does the job..


When composing the lyrics, I tend to jump about from one line to another, and at once point a particular line was "Been waiting through the day", but was later changed to "Been waiting here all day" for a better flow.
Can you spot the error in the lyric video?
I bet you can!!

It's right there on the auto-generated thumbnail!

View on YouTube


I refuse to go back and fix that.
It'll do!


I haven't done a new SpikeDislike theme for AGES!!! .. Well, ok, it was two days ago, but still.
That's today's task.
Get a new theme or two done.
The end of the month is rapidly approaching!! OMG!!!!!

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