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Drinking Problem
20th November 2022  
I fed this morning's Platdude Pixelart into NightCafe, and told it it was "A hamster drinking from its bottle."
This was the result...


I mean.. You know.. That's kinda right, but ..
That poor hamster has a drinking problem, methinks..

What it's supposed to be!


I spent hours yesterday working on a lovely SpikeDislike theme, and then wondered about something.
Turns out, Dec 31st will be 30 years since an important event happened, which is related to the theme I'd created.
As such, I've opted to hold this theme back for a bit, and release on that day instead.
Which is slightly annoying, because now I have to create ANOTHER theme for the SpikeVent calendar, in its place.


Aw well, no worries.. Keep being creative, Jay!!

(Note to none-UK'ers, or those who are under the age of about 35.. You won't get it.. !!)

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Me and Mum watched the musical Spirited, which popped up on AppleTV+ the other day, and although Mum has always had a particular pet-hate for Musicals, she at least enjoyed this one.
A good concept, and an enjoyable storyline.
Good stuff.
Highly recommended.
Available now on AppleTV+, alongside the new Fraggle Rock festive episode!

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