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Must Think Xmassy...
21st November 2022  
So far, none of the SpikeVent themes have been particularly festive. I think I need to work on that for the last few themes.


The problem with doing that is that, much like the Spooky Halloween theme, it's going to be a permanent fixture on the site, and I'd rather not have 20-odd festive themes in the middle of summer!!!
At the very least, though, I should probably add a "Platdude riding a sleigh" theme. That feels like it oughta be in there, somewhere, and I can't think of anything else


Really oughta make a start on Xmas gifts.. Haven't bought anyone anything, so far.
It's Black Friday week on Amazon, and I usually skim through that for random ideas, but this year's selection seems to be random oddities for hundreds and thousands of pounds, all marked down from insanely higher prices.
There's no "fun little gifts" in there, like there normally is.


Xmas shopping used to be so much more fun when I could get out and do it for real. Browsing shelves of random tat was always a better experience.
I'd love to be able to do that, but glancing around a shop causes all manner of waviness in my head, and that sucks, quite frankly.
Couple it with the hustle and bustle of people all around me, and it isn't a good feeling all around.

Bah, humbug, and all that.

Advent is at least fun! Let's just do that, and ignore Xmas!

"Santa looks at his empty sleigh, and wonders where all the gifts are." by #DallE

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