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4th December 2022
I didn't really do much of anything, yesterday.
A bit of a lazy day.


Lots and lots of stress testing yesterday, after reports of more bugs in GotoJSE.
I think I'm going to have to faff about with that for a bit, and fix up a couple of niggling issues that have crept into the engine.
There's a couple of quirks with strings, and .. there really shouldn't be! Strings were one of the first things I coded, and I really spent a whole bunch of time trying my best to get them as solid as I could.
Quite why they're no longer functioning like they oughta, I'm not 100% sure.

I'll blame browser/javascript changes.. Yeah, that'll be it! Definitely not my dodgy code at fault

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

I didn't get a new Foldapuz-Play game done yesterday. I intended to, but lazy Jay took over, and instead I found myself watching random YouTube videos and listening to more old Quantum Leap podcast episodes.
Incidentally, I got my Bookmark in the post yesterday! Woot!

Here's the bookmark along with my only two Quantum Leap novels. The novels both published about 28 years ago, so looking perfectly normal next to a brand new bookmark
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