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18th January 2023
I've spent much of this year so far, NOT watching YouTube.
Yesterday, the Quantum Leap Podcast posted an interview with one of the exec-producers of the new series, so I just HAD to hop on over to the toobs and have a watch.


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Warning : May (does!) contain spoilers.
If you haven't watched the show yet, do that first! If you're all caught up to the recent episode (s1 e10) there's a little spoilery bit, though it's nothing too big, just a hint on the location of an upcoming leap.

Warning 2 : Probably contains adverts, because EVERYTHING on YouTube does nowadays.


After the enjoyable hour-long interview, I then spent a good hour or two trawling around some of my favourite YouTube channels, getting bombarded by unskippable advert, after unskippable advert, after yet another sodding unskippable advert.
Oh my god, it was horrendous.

So, I looked into the price of Premium, which is £11.99 a month, before thinking to myself..
"For the sake of adverts?"

£11.99's a LOT of money. Sure, it's only 1/5th of what I'm paying for my insanely high Water bill, but at least that gets me water.
I can still get YouTube with the adverts, and without paying. but if I stop paying for my water/electric/gas/broadband/etc, they get shut off and I get nothing.

Is it wrong to expect something more from the £11.99 than "without us bombarding you with adverts all the time?"

And don't give me that crap about "Background Play", because .. That's an OS Feature.. The fact that you otherwise blocked it doesn't make it a premium product.
Honestly, it's the same thing as the adverts. I'm not happy to pay for something just so that they're no longer being an arsehole to me..

It's like the bully at school who promises not to punch you in the face each day, as long as you hand over your lunch money.
That's not "Premium".. That's "Being less of a git"

I'll stick to my Podcasts, and only bother to head over to YouTube when something's worth the effort, from here on.

That and posting the ALChoons, obviously.

Of course, hypocritical me, I have a Patreon, and it's EXACTLY the same issue.
People thankfully donate money, and I give practically nothing in return for it, other than the already-free content on the site.
I'm always trying to come up with something special I can give, but ..
If you have any suggestions as to what I can give to Patreon subscribers, please do pop those thoughts in the comments below.

"A bully, wearing a red shirt with a white triangle on it, with a big angry face, ready to punch a small child." by #DallE
(Though, I had to tweak it, as it kept drawing the triangles pointy-side-up)
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