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10th February 2023
I struggled to find a decent card game with the goblin in it.
My mind tackled many different gameplay styles, but all of them ended up playing like Poker, and we've already got the "Poker Points" game in the Shoebox for that.


"OK, then. What else starts with G?"
I spent a good twenty minutes scouring the dictionary, before "Geometric" popped out.
Being as lazy as I am, a starfield was plopped behind a few geometric shapes, and ..
Gameplay was born!

Today's task will be to try to jazz up the game a bit, and make it a little more exciting.
Currently things can slow to an epic crawl, so I think a few shootable baddies, or maybe asteroids to shoot and dodge, might help to keep the game a bit more active than it currently is.

But, yeah, it's a playable thing at least.
Gud gud!!

"Geometric shapes floating in the space. Stars. Shapes. Colours." by #DiffusionBee
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