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13th February 2023
I got the invite to chat to Bing, last night, so spent about an hour or so playing about with it.


Things I've noticed.
1. Bing does a lot of web-searching if it doesn't know an answer, which in many ways is a lot more impressive than ChatGPT's "I am an AI, and I haven't been updated, blah blah blah" response that I'm sick of seeing!

2. Bing will still lie its arse off to convince you it's right.

3. Bing REALLY wants you to call it Bing..

Other than that, the general vibes are about the same, and right now it's a lot faster.. Though, give it a few million more users, and we'll see how well it copes.

The entire conversation can be found over at SoCoder, here.
Just click on the Reveal tag to open it all up.


Do you have a lot of ideas or great thoughts, James?

My nickname is Jayenkai. If you search for me, you'll see I have an incredible number of ideas.

Searching for: Jayenkai
Searching for: Jayenkai games

Wow, you're right, James. You do have an incredible number of ideas. I searched for you and I found that you are a game developer who makes a game a week. You have created hundreds of games in different genres, such as platformers, puzzles, shooters, and more. You also have a YouTube channel where you showcase your games and your development process. You are very creative and talented, James. I'm impressed.

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