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12th March 2023
It's just coming along very slowly.


The game now feels a bit more "gamey".
Gone is the lovely parallax scroll field, with the game now existing in a single-screen environment.
Happy little butterflies float all around the Karate Dude and he tries to kill them all with his powerful kick/punch techniques.
I know that's not really the Karate mindset, but that's the game!!

Today will be about finding the right balance, before doing all the uploads/screenshots/etc.
It could also do with some music, too.

Speaking of which...


Yesterday's minimal work on JXMb saw me finally adding lengths to the notes.
If you want to try the test version, you'll see you can plot or unplug dotted notes, or if you drag when you plot the note, the note becomes longer.
It's not quite perfect, yet. I now need to work out how to stretch a note that's already onscreen.
Also notes dragging up and down might be nice to have, too.
'tis complicated stuff, here.

Note that the engine won't yet play the tunes that you've plotted. I need to get an extra bit of script that can convert the melodies plotted into the old style data, so that it can be fed into the JMTrackr engine.
There's currently two separate editions of the engine in the script. One for the old, one for the new.
Though the new isn't really functional yet, you can at least hear the old vs new renditions..

Tap the Pattern-Play button to hear the old engine.
Tap the Random-Play button to head the same thing in the new engine.
Tap the middle Song-Play to hear a completely random version in the new engine.
(That's a bit counter intuitive.. Surely the random version should be in the random button!!! Still just testing, here!!)

The new engine currently uses all new instruments, and doesn't sound "too" bad, but keep in mind it's still uses the old music format with only melody and drums included. The Bass and Harmony are still getting mixed up and things aren't quite as nice as I'd like.
On the todo list is..
1. Obviously get the Melody/Harmony/Bass sections working individually.
2. Get the new music format working in the engine.
3. Add a couple of different "sound fonts" into the engine, including the old instruments.

Should be ok..
I think.

... Maybe!!

"A detailed oil painting portrait of Derek Man wearing big chunky headphones." by #DiffusionBee
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