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13th March 2023
The copy+paste functionality now more or less functions like it should, and the new format has been somewhat settled on.. unless I can come up with a better technique to possibly compress the data down any more than it is.


The exact same simple AGameAWeek jingle plotted into both JXM and JXMb will show that the JXMb output is roughly 20% smaller, though whether that stays true once proper choons are being popped into it, who knows.

There's a toggle for 32-beats or 64-beats. Change the [0] right at the start of the music string (in the box at the bottom of the screen!) to a [1] and you'll see a grid of 64 beats instead of the usual 32.
The music format has space for up to 128 beats, but .. honestly, the screen doesn't!!
I guess I need to add scrolling into the mix, before I can do that. For now, 32/64 will have to do.

Today, a bit more GUI work. I need to make that toggle be an onscreen thing instead of a hacky thing. I also need to add the BPM option, and then a set of GUI elements for copy/paste/clear and other such things.

Note that I still haven't yet tackled the music engine itself! Though my head was spinning with little thoughts, overnight and mostly kept me awake.
I think I have a plan...


"3d fluffy Derek Man, closeup cute and adorable, cute big circular reflective eyes, long fuzzy fur, pixar render, unreal engine cinematic, intricate detail, cinematic" by #DrawThings
When you create a new project in DrawThings it suggests random prompts. I took this morning's prompt, replaced Penguins with Derek Man, and.. Bingo!!
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