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14th March 2023
Between JXMb code, planning for this week's game, and scrambling to put together an ALChoon, I really haven't had much sleep.

Quantum Leap popping up early didn't help much, either!



JXMb work is coming along fairly well.
The engine now has three distinct "soundfonts". New, Classic and Hedgehog (because Megadrive didn't fit in the box, and I refuse to call it a Genesis!)

I'd like to add a "Plumber" sound font, too, but I'm not sure how far I'm pushing the XM mod format at this point. There's already 85 instruments in the .xm file. How many more can I squeeze in there, before it bursts!?!?

You can Play with the results here.
Tap the big black box that says "New" on it, to hear the "Classic" and "Hedgehog" instrument sets.
.. Also, I need to rename that, because having a big box that says "New" on it.. ....

L.L. Game

The next game in our two-titled series has to have an L.L. title.
I asked ChatGPT for suggestions again, and I think an idea is partially formed.
I'll be tackling that, today, but .. Will it end up as a decent puzzle? That's the hardest part, here, because so far level-based puzzles haven't been turning out very well, when ProcGen'd.


The base choon has been laid out, but I need lyrics, and I'm all out of ideas.
I have a feeling ChatGPT's going to have to be extra creative, this week!!

"Colourful reflections and laser beams reflecting from mirrors in a dark and smokey room." by #DrawThings
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