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15th March 2023
Quite a fair bit of progress, yesterday, as the secondary GUI bar got added, and the SNES instrument pack .. kinda works.. 'ish.. maybe..!


The SNES ("Plumber") soundfont doesn't really sound as well as I'd've liked.
I mean, it does *kinda* sound SNES like, but some of the instruments are just ever so slightly off-key that it makes it sound bloomin' awful.
I think I could do better.. Must try harder, Jay!

Today will probably be about sifting through more options and instruments, and seeing if I can fine-tune the collection of instruments, and make it not-entirely-awful.

The new second GUI includes buttons for shuffling the notes around a bit, and the playback engine now includes more of the transitioning bits that go in-between the different patterns.
All is getting good!

You can Play with the test version here.
If you make any little ditties be sure to send me the string, and I'll start cataloguing them to make a library.

"A beautifully textured surreal oil painting of derek man angrily smashing up an old hifi stereo with a giant mallet. Swirls, debris, smash, anger, ROAR!" by #DrawThings
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