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Happy Mother's Day Blog
19th March 2023
Two holidays in one week. Ooh, calendar, you're spoiling us!


Today will probably be a Scrabble/Tetris day. Mother's Day's become a traditional day for sitting around and playing games, and I don't see that stopping any day soon!


JXMb had a couple of more tweaks yesterday, and now seems much more stable on iPad.

Michael Fernie chipped in..

On my iPhone the drawing goes outside of the screen. Lots of stuff being cut off. Basically unusable on my iPhone 6. Maybe it's ok. Im guessing most people wont use it on their phones. Thought I would mention it since you brought up other IOS issues.

Yeah, the original's just as completely unusable on a mobile, too.
I haven't optimised this GUI in the slightest.
I've set it to be a 1024 pixel width, and a 100% (hopefully, depending on your browser/screen) decent height.
I've set specific pixel positions, and haven't done any sort of scaling other than the Piano Roll's height.

This is 100% bone-idleness, on my part, and most of that is down to the fact that, I personally won't be trying to use it on my phone.
Would other people?
Well, considering that I honestly don't believe anyone ever actually used the previous umpteen editions of JMTrackr... I don't expect there to be a sudden uptake in people using this one!
I might be wrong.
I could be surprised.

But given how little interest there's been in JSE, having the accompanying music editor suddenly take off seems a little improbable.

Prove me wrong, internet!!

If it DOES become a used tool, and people seem to be using it a lot, I might head back in and rewrite the GUI to allow it to fit better, and add scrolling and other such things.
But for now, it's what it is.

Probably best to use a desktop/laptop, as even on iPad, the finger poking can be a little precise.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

This week's game isn't getting anywhere! I've spent so much time on JXMb this week that the game's taken quite a backseat.
I might attempt to get back onto it, and get it done by tomorrow, but no promises.
It may end up being Tuesday or Wednesday before I get it done.

"Derek Man sits in a wooden chair in front of a painting on the wall." by #DrawThings

(With Whistler's Mother being used as the source image input)
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