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Happy New Year! Jay's Top 10!
  1st January, 2011
The year is new, but the logo's old.
Sod it. I love this logo!

I should be doing a year-long roundup thing, but I've not had much time, what with the whole Advent and stuff.
No matter, there's been some good, and plenty of bad, and that's what AGameAWeek's all about!

Top 10 of 2010

1. Platdude's Retro Advent Collection

A collection of 25 supersmall minigames-=-=-

2. JNKPlat 2010

The awesome never-evolving retro blocky platform puzzler

3. NeonPlat 2 : Increasingly Random Incidents

Crazy, Colourful, Chaotic!
Shove it in your Mame cabinet!

4. Ted Bob in a Mario Costume

A simple idea, expanded slightly, and looking lovely with Mario Sprites!

5. Microbe2

Shooty sequel with pickups, and more swirlyness!

6. Box's Adventure

A nice simple rompy shooty thing with colourful shapes!

7. Gravity Bombs

Is it a game yet!?

8. RetroRaider II

I was expecting better from this. It's all a bit samey, but it's still a great game!

9. Fred the Parachuting Flea

A gentler game.

10. Blockman In A Mario Costume

A nice colourful platformer. I never did get around to doing a bigger version of this, last year, so this one'll have to do!

Want to argue? Do it below!

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