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12th June 2023

18 years ago (15th June 2005) over at the CodersWorkshop forum, we started a little weekly challenge called the Wednesday Workshop. Each week a challenge was issued, and everyone tried to make little mini games to fit the suggested theme.
This week, I've decided to remake the first four games that I made for the Wednesday Workshop, and make them as playable as I could.

You can Play the four games, in GotoJSE.


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Ball Up

Guide the ball left or right


Spin round the vortex
Shooty tooty


Left and Right
Shooty tooty, too



What I Didn't Do

I aimed to do all five of my first games, but I couldn't quite figure out a decent gameplay mechanic for Light and Dark.
The original was a half abandoned game because I couldn't quite figure it out, back then, either, so I decided give up and drop the game, instead.

Other than that, all the games have been given a spit and a polish, and they're now marginally more playable than they once were.
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New games every week!
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