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9th September 2023
As is the norm, the weekend's gone quiet, and nothing's happening.


We were hoping to go and see the Estate Agent yesterday about this Freeholder kerfuffle, but the head guy was out of the office for the weekend.
Gah, why can't people work 24/7!?!

Instead, then, I spent the day trying to stay cool.
The UK's been in a heatwave for the past week, and as much as I keep trying to code these little bits that I currently am, it's definitely been an extra effort, this week.

This morning seems to be a fair bit cooler, but that might be that a circling helicopter woke me up at 5am, more than the fact that it's actually any cooler around here.
It's now 7am, and it's already started to get warm again.


In the hope that I might get some significant coding done over the next short while, I've made a new version of Optimisationalism..
Optimisationalism 4 has been created in a more standardised Benchmark style, with a whole flurry of tests being performed in a relatively short amount of time.

If you'd like to run it, please do send me the results that are shown at the end of the run. It should only take about 2 or 3 minutes at the most.

So far it seems that rotation and alpha together are still impacting the engine, but now it's looking more like Text is the biggest slowdown, with symbols and shapes all being at a much steadier rate.
This seems the inverse of my original tests, where Symbol drawings were easily the biggest cause of slowdown.
Is this a change in how the browsers handle things?
.. Or have I been so focussed on getting everything else running smoothly that I've neglected to focus on the text functions..?!

You can Run Optimisationalism 4 here.
Please do let me know your results!

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