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12th September 2023
The chatty chat with the Estate Agent went reasonably well, yesterday.


He agreed that the council more than likely probably are the freeholders, but also agreed with the solicitor that an indemnity insurance would be the best way to go.
Nobody else on the street has needed this, but if what the solicitor's digging up turns out to be true, then they might very well need it.
I guess future sales on the street will probably wind up having these issues, now that our solicitor's pulled everything out of the woodwork.

We don't believe anything bad could actually happen because of all of this, but .. honestly, you never know.
A few months ago, a local friend had the land that their garage was on, purchased from under them, and all hell broke loose there.
Worries that this could happen to a whole street are slightly worrying since nobody can find the actual freeholders. Who they are, or were, around about 80 or so years ago when the land was presumably "purchased" as far as we know, and who they might've signed the land over to in their will.. we just don't know.. And seemingly, nobody knows.
Good grief, this whole situation is incredibly messed up.



So I took my mind off things, and focussed on the Optimisationalism.
I've found a few more little tweaks in the engine that've helped speed things up a little bit in Safari, whilst simultaneously slowing down in Firefox, which is just Grrrreat!
I think, now, I need to focus on variables and arrays, and see if I can speed those up a little bit. They're definitely one of the slowdowns of the engine, right now.

I've managed to get my old Falling Lemmings stress test from 50 lemmings and 5 floors to 300 lemmings and 10 floors, still running at a solid 60fps, on both the MacBook M2 and the iPad Air 4.
.. Which, granted, are fairly capable devices, but it's nice to know the improvements have made things that much better already.

I'll wait to upload the improved version once I'm sure it's a good overall improvement, though. Like I said, what works for Safari doesn't exactly work for Firefox. The 300/10 lemming test is running at just 45fps on there, so I guess I'll be doing "per browser" tweaks to a few methods, to try and find a good workaround.

More tweaking to be done!
Get on it, Jay!

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