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13th September 2023
iPad, iPhone and MacBook are all "Hey, let's update!!" this morning.
The Mac and iPad are both on the beta path, so are getting the most recent update, but what's the iPhone doing?!
Just a purely random update for no reason?


The update page says it's a security update, but oddly the update hasn't appeared on Mum's iPhone.
I'll probably set the Mac off doing the update once I've finished posting. I set off the iPad and iPhone together, just after I finished this morning's pixelart, and am sitting with one either side of me, neither of which has got past the download stage yet.

"Why would you choose to install an update?" would be Dave-from-College's response to this. Dave HATES updates with a passion, choosing to block any and all updates wherever possible.
"I'm an Apple user, Dave. We don't fear updates like you do."

I bet Dave would love Apple'y things. The problem is, he's not willing to shell out the £500+ to try out a capable iPhone device, and would be even less willing to try using MacOS.
Dave's the sort of person who complains incessently when Microsoft change the colour of the GUI buttons. He'd have a fit if he had to try using MacOS with the window buttons on the opposite side of the window!

And don't even try to explain the "Ctrl-Alt button switch" situation!

Apple's ecosystem is a lovely "cushion" for me. I used to be exactly the sort of person who would tweak and tug and pull at any and all setting I could get my hands on. Customisation was king.
But at some point, likely the 2012 "stuck in a hospital with a rubbish 1st gen Android device for 6 months" point, all I wanted was something that "just worked".
And that cost-to-entry was insane, but I'd already started down the path a few years earlier, back when the iPod Touch was still a cheap entry-level iOS device.

Apple should bring that back.
It was awesome.

This is a very waffly post, today, isn't it.

Either way, after watching yesterday's Apple Event, I still couldn't give a crap about the watch, and I'm sure as hell not shelling out £1k+ on a new phone when my iPhone 12's still working just fine.

"Cartoon Derek in the Mushroom Kingdom, frantic videogame coverart by nintendo" by #DrawThings
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