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14th September 2023
Haven't heard a peep from the Solicitor this week.


They're supposed to be getting some sort of Insurance sorted out for the whole Freehold situation, but it's all been horribly quiet again.
Bah, humbug!

Another full day of sitting around and waiting.

Instead, then I tweaked a few more bits and pieces of JSE, and then spent a couple of hours working on the ALChoon. I probably should've done a bit more .. um.. art with the ALChoon's video, but wasn't in the mood for arty, this week!
But JSE's getting a little bit faster each day, and that's great.

I just hope the results are as good for everyone else.


I tried to get WinXP running in a Virtual Machine, but it ended up runnithe ng stupidly sluggish. Considering the Apple Silicon chips can speed through various modern gaming system emulations, it's bizarre that WinXP was running as slow and sluggish as it was.
Perhaps that's just a side-effect of the VM program I'm using. Not sure.
UTM seems capable enough, but can be slow when trying to do anything "Gamey".

The main Windows I'm running on there is Win11Arm, which actually runs really nicely, and GotoJSE is about 70% what it is on the Mac itself, but that's virtualised.
If I switch to running an Emulated system, that's when everything slows to a crawl, and ...
I'm SURE there's better options out there, but right now I'm not exactly swimming in cash to try them out!

I also tried Win7, and also a couple of Linux distribs, but either they ran too fast to do any significant JSE testing on.. Or they ran too slow to do ANY testing on!

Might have to plug an actual PC in, or something, at this rate!

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