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Moving Jay : Day Eighty Seven : Six Weeks?!! Blog
15th September 2023
Apparently the indemnity insurance for the "Absent Freeholder" (who isn't absent if the council are right, but solicitors...) will take about six weeks to finalise.


That's six more weeks of sitting around getting nothing accomplished.
Honestly, by the time this move is done, I think I'd've had less time off after my sodding brain trauma, than waiting around for the damn house-guff.

I did google last night for many hours, dug up all the info I could about the freeholders and send a phone number to the solicitor, alongside an obituary and a couple of other bits and pieces.
Did the solicitor find all of this?
Did they even look for any of this, or did they blindly go on the address they found 3 months ago, and not delve any deeper?
I don't know.
I might find out later if that phone number did any good.



I'm not sure I can get JSE going any faster, for the meantime.
I'd still LOVE to find out what's going on with the internal optimising.
If you run Optimisationalism 4, let it run to the end, the hit the stop button and run it straight away again, you'll (maybe, depending on your browser/system) get much faster results the second time around.

It's obvious that something, somewhere, is being optimised between the first and second runs.
But if you make the first run longer (so the optimiser has time to work), it doesn't actually seem to work..
Instead, the optimiser seems to kick in during the gap in-between the two runs.
It's very very odd.

If I can fathom exactly how that's happening, I can focus on trying to make that happen a bit quicker, at the start of the page-load, rather than once the game's finished!!
For now.. *shrugs*

"Photograph, Intergalactic rock musician Cartoon Derek with his heavy metal band, The Greenies, 1987, live, onstage, drums, guitars, lighting, live" by #DrawThings
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