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16th September 2023
Another weekend, and even less going on.
On the plus-side, we got contracts to sign for the bungalow, which is nice.


Having a copy of the lease, and a whole bunch of forms here, certainly "feels" like things are progressing, but at the same time, and as Mum rightly suggests, the solicitor has probably only done this because they feel sorry for us, over the whole six week wait thing.

And that's likely the case, if I'm honest.

Still, sign a few things, and mail them off, and we're one tiny tip-toe closer to getting the thing.


I updated AL in the Shoebox Crossword game. Mum's been playing it a lot over the past couple of weeks, and has been beating the computer player almost endlessly.

Yesterday, then, I dug into the AI code, and even asked ChatGPT for a few pointers on optimising it a bit.
After a fair amount of poking and prodding, I think I've made the AI a little bit better.
It can typically beat me in about 3 out of 5 games, so I reckon that's good enough, right?!
Mum will likely let me know soon enough.

Or maybe you will, if you play it!?
You can Play Crosswords here.
It's definitely called Crosswords, and definitely isn't a Scrabble clone.
Not at all.

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