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Moving Jay : Day Eighty Nine : Extra Commands Blog
17th September 2023
I added a couple of nice new commands in GotoJSE, yesterday, but haven't uploaded them yet.
Maybe later today, you might be able to play with them..?

The new SetGradient r,g,b, r2,g2,b2, angle command doesn't work for everything, only Rectangles, Ovals and Text, and goodness me, can it cause some slowdown if overused. (And/or, barely used!!)

It's really not a very good command, if I'm honest.
But at the very least, it does indeed work, and if you use it sparingly for fancy text effects, or for doing a gradiented sky or whatever, then you should be somewhat alright with the results.
I think..

There's also a few controller commands. The onscreen controls will now pop up automagically for ALL games, if you click/tap on the screen.
To disable this feature, use the command SetControllerMethod Mouse at the top of your code.
If you're using GameHandler, then the control method will now be displayed at the bottom right of the screen, with a few defaults based on your SetControllerMethod setting.
If you want to change it, you can SetControllerText "My Text Here" and that'll show up on the GameHandler instead.
There's also a SetScrollerText "My Text Here" which shows up underneath the controller text on the GameHandler.

I want to see if I can use those elsewhere, maybe make a simple "ScrollText x,y" function to go with it, and maybe a few other options. That'll likely be today's task.

.... Doesn't help that I didn't wake up until after 11, this morning.
But, hey, that's Sleepy Sunday for you, right?!

"a cinematic photograph of cartoon derek crawling out of a wishing well, sadako, ring" by #DrawThings

Eeuuuuw, Greenie Toes!!!
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