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Moving Jay : Day Ninety : Commands Ahoy Blog
18th September 2023
The new JSE commands are now live, though most of them do cause a heck of a lot of slowdown, so use sparingly!!


The new command are..
SetControlMethod Mouse/Gamepad/Keys : Sets the control scheme, mostly so that the onscreen gamepad does/doesn't pop up for mouse/touch users when in Gamepad mode.

SetControllerText "Text" : If you're using the GameHandler, this will appear on the menu screen. You don't "have" to use this as controller text, btw. If you want a permanent "Made by ME!" onscreen, you can do that here.

SetScrollerText "Text : There's now a scroller along the bottom of the GameHandler. You can set the text here. (Might be easier to add a few lines together into a txt, then set the value...)

ScrollText Y Position,X Speed : If you want the Scroller Text to appear anywhere else, you can use this command.

OutlineText X,Y,Txt,Center : Since I added the new traced font, recently, it means Outline Fonts look normal, now, so I've popped in a command for that.


SetGradient r1,g1,b1,r2,g2,b2,angle
(You can also add Alpha)
This will set a gradient which will be used when drawing Text, Rectangles, Ovals and Triangles.
It won't work on lines, though I might add that later.
Annoyingly as always, it definitely won't work on Symbol/Images, due to Canvas's lack of ability to do such things.

It's also a bit slow, if overused, so if you do choose to play with gradients, maybe keep them to a minimum.
Background/Sky gradients are likely the best place to use them. It'll be infinitely easier on the engine to set a gradient and draw a single rectangle, than to draw a bunch of different coloured gradually shaded rectangular strips.


There's also a new Lighting layer. I'm not 100% sure how good it is (!!!) but for now it allows you to set an Ambient Light colour, and then switch to SetBuffer Lighting, to let you add various lights and shadows to the layer.
Once you're done, you can switch back to SetBuffer FG, and DrawLighting to layer the result onto the screen.

Anything over 128,128,128 will lighten.
Anything under 128,128,128, will darken.
Why not have a play and see if you can come up with anything interesting with it.

Again, though, this is one of those functions that will really slow things down if you let it.


You can try out all the new features in one simple test, here.

Gosh, that seems like a very small example for a whole weekend's work!!

"Cartoon Derek in the land of the forgotten, ancient wonderland" by #DrawThings

... I think I need to retrain Derek!
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