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Moving Jay : Day Ninety One : Disappointing Greenie Blog
19th September 2023
I drew a new version of Greenie yesterday, and fed it into the LoRA training for Stable Diffusion.

And this morning I went back to the old one.


Definitely not Greenie..

This isn't Greenie either..

And I think this is one of the crows from the Kia-Ora adverts.

No, that didn't go well, at all.
And it's not as if I gave it rubbish starting images to learn from.
I really drew the heck out of Greenie, and gave it the best opportunity I could.
I guess it must just really want a blank canvas, with just Greenie on top.
Or maybe it really doesn't like his nose..?!


I mean, really, who could complain about the epic quality of my source pics?

You just can't get a better Greenie than that!

"Derek sat in a chair in his study." by Jayenkai
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