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21st September 2023
Seems like we're just sitting around, this week.
Not much of anything's happening.
It's almost like Mum's given up. .. But then, realistically, we were pretty much packed and ready to go, three months ago.
There's not really a whole lot more to do!


And so we continue to sit and wait.
It's Thursday, today, so I think I'll email the Estate Agent, and make that a regular Thursday "Keeping in touch" thing.

Tomorrow, we need to switch our home phone from being a standard landline to being a VOIP-based "through the wifi router" device.
Virgin Media gave us the date of September 22nd months ago, and we were pretty damned adamant that we'd be out of here by then, so never really looked into it too much.
Guess that needs doing, now.

I have at least warned all the important people that the landline might be dead for a while, so they're all transferring over to using me and mum's mobile numbers, instead.

Once we've moved (which is looking to be some time in 2047) we likely won't bother with a landline at all, so tomorrow's faffing about would've been entirely unnecessary.. Except now it isn't, and it's another silly task to add to the list of things that are annoying us for no good reason.

Oh joy.


Spent another full day faffing around with Stable Diffusion training, and as good a Greenie as I'm getting out of it (at times), it's gotten itself back into that "stuck in a style" thing again.

Consider this exact same prompt/seed/setting result..

"macro photography, tiny cartoon derek diorama, derek sitting on a big comfortable lazeeboy, living room, watching the news on tv" by #DrawThings

Version M

Version P

Version Q

Q is getting decidedly less Greenie-like, but both P and Q (which have been trained over the past few days) have got stuck in the specific art style, whereas M is much more representative of the "Macro photography" and "tiny diorama" bits of the prompt.

I do think P looks nice, and definitely has a specific style about it. Q's kinda messed up.. *shrugs*
But M is the winner in this three-greenie-race. It took the prompt and ran with it, which isn't happening at all in the other two images.

I expect I'll be scrapping Q, but keeping P around for the odd piece of stylised art.

"stylised piece of art, cartoon derek, happy," by #DrawThings
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