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22nd September 2023
Our phone's switchover to the new Router-based phone line "should" be happening at some point today.

I also have to update Mum's iPhone/iPad to iOS17, at some point, too.

I think that's going to be the theme of today. Updating.


My MacBook had a bit of a freak-out yesterday. When you load a bunch of different LoRA-based Stable Diffusion trainings into DrawThings, it caches each smaller 30'ish Mb LoRA alongside the main stable diffusion model, and packs it into a neat 1.7Gb package.
... Oh joy.

Because they're all mostly identical, the hard drive compresses the data really well. But even through the "Free space" barely budges, it still counts towards the "Used space" value.
Since I've been faffing about with SO many LoRA models in the past few days, I actually ended up more than the drive's 512Gb capacity in used data, whilst still having about 200Gb free.

I deleted a LOT of these caches. About 70Gb's worth of the bloomin' things. So the Drive-Space registered this as "70Gb extra free space! Woot!" and increased the Free Space value by 70Gb..
Which wasn't right.
At all!!

It'd only actually freed up about 3 or 4Gb, not the whole 70Gb.

I rebooted, and that didn't solve the inconsistency. Hmmm.
Instead, I opened up Purple Tree and let that run a complete drive scan. Doing this seemed to clock the drive into figuring out exactly how much free space it actually had remaining, and everything returned to the normal 190Gb Free / 307Gb Used that it normally is.

Panic over.
.. Though, if it ever did want to randomly give me a few Gb's extra space for free, I certainly wouldn't complain!!

|update| The home phone now works via the router. |update|

"Realistic photograph of cartoon derek selling balloons at a fairground." by #DrawThings
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