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23rd September 2023
Me and Mum are both at the end of our wits.
We've suffered enough, and this weekend's smashed into us like a giant bloody truck.


Mum's downhearted, convinced we've lost the sale and therefore the bungalow.

We've nearly reached day 100 of this stupidity, with almost everything for the past couple of months coming down to who the heck the Freeholders are.
Nobody else around here.. NOBODY.. Is having this issue.
Not a single person.

This should not be an issue, but it's being dragged out to ridiculous extremes.

The consideration of "we should just go and talk to a solicitor about this" has been brought up, but all the solicitors in the village are weekday only. We'll have to wait until probably Tuesday until we get around to talking to anyone.

Honestly, we should've done that from the start.
Having a solicitor that far away has been nothing but problems from the very start of this hellscape.

Games are coming back soon.. One way or another.
Just give me a couple more weeks.

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