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24th September 2023
Over on SoCoder, TheRevillsGames asked us to test a Windows exe on our systems.
It failed on mine, but then I AM running a virtual version of Win11Arm on a MacBook.


The discussion thread goes on to various test methods, compatibility modes, and all off the rest, but without much of a result on my side of things.
It's a bit of a pain, if I'm honest, that I can't get things running well enough on the MacBook.

UTM doesn't have any proper hardware graphics acceleration. This is likely the main reason for most of the issues I'm having on here.
I'm tempted to try out Parallels, since that does include the acceleration, but I'm not really sure I want to be paying £100 a year for something that, realistically, I've been finding myself rarely even opening any more.

When I first switched to MacOS, having a version of Windows running was useful for things like CoolEdit, Paintshop Pro and others. Nowadays, though, I'm using Amadeus Pro, Pixelmator Pro, and Aseprite to do all my art and sound stuff. Rarely ever do I find myself falling back on needing a Windows tool, here or there.

Mostly Windows is being used, now, for testing things.. And the further along we go, the less compatible UTM's version of Windows is being.
I did actually try reinstalling the whole thing a few days ago, to see if I could get Eikon's Joust-X game running any better, but that had just as many issues after the complete reinstall that it had previously.

Honestly, I'm not all that happy with this setup. I'm hopeful, however, that ALL of my issues are down to the lack of graphics acceleration in the virtualiser, rather than every app I'm trying, being incompatible with Win11Arm.
.. If it's the latter, however, there's a whole forum of users whose games are going to be failing once everyone makes the switch to Arm.
And that's quite a worry for us all.

"cartoon derek tries to run a program on his old computer" by #DrawThings

It's doing that wobbly background thing again. Where's it getting that from?
Maybe it's when I trained it with the different backgrounds?
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