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Moving Jay : Day Ninety Seven : Resting Blog
25th September 2023
Today will be mostly resting, other than all the other bits and pieces I have to do.


Yesterday I started writing a new version of Army of Flags, or as it's currently titled, "Army of ...?"
I'm trying my best to make it 100% touch/mouse controlled, this time, but that means having to ignore the right mouse button, and make everything one-button.
That's HARD!!!

At the start I had it scrollable like an online map, so you could drag it around and see what's going on. But then, how do you shoot? You shoot by holding your finger on the screen and swooping it around to shoot in that direction.
.. That's the exact same action as dragging the map around!

Currently the game works like so..
There's a visibly darkened border around the edge. Touch/click in there to scroll in that direction.
If you drag the little x, that's the "go here" point for the troops.
Otherwise wherever you tap/drag is the shooting target.

Does it work?
Kinda, so far.. But I'm not in the middle of a frantic battle, yet. I think that'll be where it becomes apparent if this control scheme works!


Aw, man, it's Monday, already!?
This week's ALChoon is about 50% done. Choon ready, no lyrics, no video, not even a vague concept of what those might end up being.
If this week's ALChoon is a bland visualiser, then don't be surprised.
Trying to fit Game + Choon into a single week is not easy.

How'd I ever manage to do that, before?!!

"cartoon derek wearing green camouflage, carrying a red flag, deep in a forest, a small wooden hut in the distance, cinematic photography, lighting, shading, depth, tilt-shift" by #DrawThings

All my LoRA models are going weird, all of a sudden. I'm starting to wonder if it's my models, or if it's something going awry with DrawThings
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