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26th September 2023
The Bungalow Buying contract has now been signed by us.
The House Selling contract was signed last month.
That should hopefully be everything signed, now.
Ready to go!



We're still waiting on that stupid insurance for the freeholder that we're pretty damn sure nobody needs, as well as the solicitor double checking everything Bungalow-Shared-Ownership related, ensuring that all goes smoothly.
Other than those two things, as far as we can tell, there really isn't anything holding us back at this point.

Mark the day.
Day 98..
Just another 100 or so to go.


Gosh, I had a really rather productive day with an ALChoon yesterday.
Choon got finished, lyrics added, video done.
All in a day.

... That's usually when everything falls apart, right!?

So, that's ready to go, too. Everything's good!

On the AGameAWeek side of things, I spent too much time with the ALChoon to get around to doing anything on the Army Of.. game.
I'm tempted to try out a couple of different control schemes, though, since it really isn't as comfortable/intuitive as I thought when trying to do things quickly with the mouse/touchpad.
... Though, it does seem to work quite well on touchscreens.

Perhaps a control scheme option would be better, but GotoJSE doesn't work with right-clicks.
I mean, technically it "can" work, but only on some browser/system setups, so I opted to leave it out just incase it breaks everything!

I suppose I could integrate a few keyboard options.. That might help.. So you can hold shift+click to immediately move the X.


"Cartoon Derek throwing a javelin at the Olympic Games" by #DiffusionBee
Yeah, that's infinitely better. I mean, the javelin's not exactly a fantastic bit of quality, but Greenie's looking damn near perfect, there!
Definitely seems to be an issue with my DrawThings setup.
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