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Moving Jay : Day 101 : Ready To Go, Still Blog
29th September 2023
"I think we packed too early", says Mum.
She's probably right, but it sure beats the rush that would've happened otherwise.
I don't think my body/mind could've coped with last minute packing.


And so we sit with boxes around us, waiting for news from anyone involved.
A week of mostly silence, with only a couple of standard emails from the Estate Agent.

Another week.

At this rate, the removal men will be carrying ME out in a box!!!

We're now at the point where we're wondering if we should buy some salt or not. We ran out of the nice Maldon Smoked Salt a few days ago, and now only have plain ordinary normal salt. The small box of Maldon salt usually lasts a few years.
Dare we buy a new box of salt, just before moving?!

We were hoping to leave that until we were in the new place.
Guess we'll just have to "put up" with the rubbish normal salt for now.

Just sit and eat gallons of salt, I suppose.

"Cartoon Derek wants to get out, escape, leave, enclosed, locked room, danger, cardboard boxes" by #DiffusionBee
Yeah, DiffusionBee's doing a much better job on my system. Really not sure why.
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