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Moving Jay : Day 102 : Centipong? Blog
30th September 2023
Over the past couple of days I've been adding some image-blur functionality to GotoJSE in the hopes of getting a nice rendition of Centipong up and running in the engine.


I mean.. Come on, that's not bad, right!?!
For JSE, at least..

The issue, of course, is the epic amount of slowdown that drawing all those "Blend-Light" blurred sprites causes, even on the M2 Mac.
And if the M2 Mac is struggling, you KNOW it's going to be an issue.
For that reason, the game and the blur/blend methodology is currently going through a ton of tweaking to see if I can get the most out of it.
I expect turning off the Blend-Light will likely help in a ton of ways, though I'm also wondering if it might be a good idea to add the glowing to that new lighting layer, and draw it all over the top afterwards.
Will it be easier on the engine to draw it that way!?!
I'll experiment with it, and let you know.

If you'd like to attempt to play it in its current condition, keeping in mind the gameplay is still unfinished and will likely run slowly on your system, you may or may not like to know that I've posted a link to the JSE project over on Patreon, in my weekly roundup post, where it's hidden between a subscription paywall until next week.

Look at me, being all evil and hiding things behind subscriptions..
What next, JNKPlat with in-app-purchase levels!?!!
... Nah, I just really needed something to add to the Patreon, and these weekly roundups seem to be working well enough.

If the game was finished, it'd already be posted here, done and dusted, for free, as per usual.
I've not yet got into the mindset of "Games release on the Patreon before they release here"... Don't worry!
Is that a good idea, though?!

Mark the day : The decent to Evil Money-Grabbing Jay starts here!

"Cartoon Derek dressed like Evel Knievel, being fired out of a cannon, action, speed, motion blur", by #DiffusionBee

It's being quite specific about what Greenie oughta be wearing, isn't it..!?!
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