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Moving Jay : Day 103 : More JSE Tweaks Blog
1st October 2023
I played around with the entire rendering engine, yesterday, in the hope of speeding things up a little.
.. Didn't really help.
Oh well.. :/


I backtracked on a bunch of stuff, but also didn't on some other stuff.
The mouse/touch code needs some SERIOUS fixing up, but otherwise, things now seem stable again.
The drawing and rescaling code has been significantly rewritten, and I think I might've broke a couple of little bits here and there.
I know the "Font drawn to the lighting layer" is a bit wonky, due to the font needing to be resized for that, but I think that's probably the most noticeable thing.

There's also a major display failure when using Scale 2, without a Flip command, and even the default scrolling in that mode (10 Print "Hello" 20 Goto 10) can be utterly terrible.
.. Not sure why, either.
But that's just a quirk, and should be easy enough to figure out.

Centipong still isn't anywhere near fast enough to be considered "done", but I think I'm managing to get that going. I might need to add a "disable blend modes" thing for slower systems, but I'm not sure how best to figure that out.

Today, fix the new bugs, and see about getting the onscreen touch controls to work right.
.. again..

"A beautiful watercolour fairytale illustration of Cartoon Derek carving a pumpkin, creepy spooky house background, outside, hangared tree, october, halloween, night, moonlight, cinematic, lighting, volumetric clouds" by #DiffusionBee

It's the FIRST of October. Why are all my social media feeds full of Halloween imagery?!
That's literally weeks away.

.. But will likely still happen before we sodding well move to the bungalow.
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