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Moving Jay : Day 104 : Another Week... Blog
2nd October 2023
Still waiting. Still no news.
Kinda frustrating, if I'm honest.
Carry on coding, Jay.


Waiting for news on an insurance quote, before things get moving with the Buyers.
I don't think there's much else.
The solicitor is still wanting to look into the Bungalow Purchase's 25->100% thing, but I think I might try to persuade them to do it afterwards and send us a report, because .. A) I don't think it's anything to worry about since the Bungalow owner's solicitor is handling all of that anyway, and B ) It's definitely holding things up .. .. because the Bungalow owner's solicitor is already dealing with it, and the two are clashing.

... Ho-hum..


The nips and tucks continue for JSE, with the simple effects getting rejigged a little.
I think I can probably do better with that, though, since I now have a dedicated "screen" layer that I can add the effects onto, instead of piling everything onto the main draw layer.
I gave that a quick attempt yesterday, but it went horribly wrong!
I'll likely retry that again, today.

I also have to redo the onscreen controller for the umpteenth time, but I just really couldn't bring myself to do that, yesterday!
Currently if you use Scale Mode 3 and a small resolution, the gamepad scales in the wrong way and becomes a ginormous circle overlayed over the entire screen.

.. Oops!!

OK, that's today's plan.
Hop to it, Jay.

"A photograph of Cartoon Derek running through a field, chased by a bull, hedges, long grass, escape, chase, realism, realistic cartoon derek, worried, scared" by #DiffusionBee

Odd looking Greenie today..

I had to add pupils to both Greenie and the Bull, but otherwise left the image untouched.
I really don't get why it isn't drawing pupils on things!!
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